Good Samaritan Hospital has established an alliance with Hackensack University Medical Center’s Heart & Vascular Hospital. The relationship will bring together two award-winning cardiac and vascular centers to elevate the level of care available to the communities of Rockland and Orange counties. Due to this collaborative, Good Samaritan will now maintain the only complete cardiovascular program in the Lower Hudson Valley.

The mutually-beneficial agreement enables HackensackUMC Heart & Vascular physicians to provide clinical support and direct patient care at Good Samaritan and allows the programs to share information, resources, and expertise to improve care. Additionally, the relationship will introduce to our patients state-of-the-art cardiac and vascular services previously unavailable at our facility, including:

  • Hybrid surgery – Open or minimally invasive surgical procedures and catheterization can be performed simultaneously

  • Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) – A technique which gives elderly patients and others too ill for traditional open-heart surgery an alternative. This ground-breaking minimally invasive heart valve replacement procedure is done via transapical or transfemoral delivery.

  • Stereotaxis – An innovative system which uses magnetic fields generated outside the body to guide catheters and leads through the delicate tissues and intricate paths of the cardiovascular system, allowing surgeons to navigate and treat the heart without the risk of serious complications

  • Biplane Angiographic Unit – A fluoroscopic X-ray machine which images the body’s circulatory dynamics from multiple angles, providing a 3-D view of the heart chambers and coronary arteries, thereby reducing exposure to radiation and contrast dyes.

Dr. Eric Somberg will serve as the vice chairman of the HackensackUMC Heart & Vascular Hospital at Good Samaritan Hospital. His cardiac surgical team will include Dr. Ellie Ellman, and Dr. Gabe DiLuozzo. Additionally, the following world-class electrophysiologists will be integrated into the program: Dr. John Zimmerman, Dr. Taya Glotzer, Dr. Glauco Radoslovich, and Dr. Gunjan Shukla. Meet the Surgical Team

This partnership marks an exciting reaffirmation of our commitment to the highest quality cardiovascular services and to the constant advancement of all of our programs. The collaboration with HackensackUMC is a tremendous opportunity for The Active International Cardiovascular Institute to propel its upward trajectory and continue to deliver excellent medical care to the people of this region.

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